It’s made me realise DJ is actually cleverer than I thought he was and brought our relationship closer

– Julie Saunders

I love teaching George new tricks (although at times can be frustrating 😂) and I can see the enjoyment in George when he’s learned a new trick and knows just what to do when I ask him to do one. It’s fun for both the dog and its owner! My favourite trick we’ve learnt so far is Ring the Bell… sometimes I just leave the bell out and he will consistently press the thing waiting for a treat to fall from the sky 😂😂😂 it’s hilarious to watch

– Christine Neal

If I’m having fun, Raven is having fun, and teaching tricks that make me actually belly laugh makes the dog so happy. Only issue is – I can’t stop him putting his paws on child’s size chairs!

– Jane Eve

I’ve enjoyed every minute of it because I love a competition. Ring the bell is my favourite trick because people are generally shocked that the boys can ring a bell on demand. It’s also lovely training tricks as you learn so much. I’ve learned I have to adapt my training with each dog which is sometimes frustrating but so rewarding when they finally get it!

– Nina Dack

I felt that my training had gotten a little stale, having been doing similar classes since Simba was a puppy. But the Trick Stars programme has reinvigorated our training, made Simba and I’s relationship far closer and more ‘in tune’ with one another, and it is just SO rewarding when he finally cracks a trick that had previously eluded him.

– Liz Masterson

I’ve realised that Gus’s brain capacity is far bigger than I gave him credit for.
He is a classic “try to teach it-fail, try to teach it-fail, leave it a few days and try to teach it” and he nails it. Best training programme I’ve been part of.

– Cath Lumley

We love being part of the Trick Stars programme, it has given us some much needed new input and direction to our training. It’s great to achieve the goal of learning new tricks and we proudly display our rosettes. Cora and I have definitely improved our relationship and her tail wags madly in anticipation when the clicker/ treat pot and various props come out.
The support of a friendly online group is what sets this programme apart from any others that I have done. It is great to get the encouragement and advice when needed and have a good ol’ giggle together when things don’t go quite as planned 🤣

– Emma John

Having a dog who’s turned into teenage delinquent & taking time out from classes. The trick stars are perfect for us as we can still follow the programme at home & still feel part of the training family via the online group.
Having fun teaching Lucy is a great way of increasing a great relationship with her. Sharing videos of how it’s going & no one smacks you on the back of the head or criticises if it’s not going to plan.
Of course everyone loves the rosettes & a feeling of accomplishment at the end 😍

– Julie Negus

She is loving training so much and it’s so wonderful to see her face light up when she understands what I want. Thank you Alicia, the Trick Stars programme is perfect for getting dog and owner motivated 💕

– Nikki Pahlke